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Plants of the Prairies
Learn about the variety of beautiful, yet rare, plants in our South Sound prairies.

Wildlife of the Prairies
Discover some of the rarest wildlife in Washington that inhabits South Sound prairies.

Historic Prairie Landscapes
Learn more about the distribution of prairies in the South Sound and on-going threats to these unique habitats.

Native Plant Propagation
After removing invasive species, repopulating the prairies with native plants is an important restoration step.

Prescribed Fire
Fire has been an integral part of prairies for millennia. Today, conservationists are bringing back this essential ecological process.

Prairie & Oak Landowner Guides
These guides bring together important information to help private individuals to manage and restore their lands.

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The South Puget Sound Prairies are...

Created by retreating glaciers
 by Native Americans
 to the Northwest
 on us for their conservation

South Puget Sound's prairies and oak woodlands lie hidden among the region's forests, farms and homes. Here, wide-open skies arch over rolling expanses of bunchgrasses, wildflowers, and gnarled oaks. Butterflies found in few other places in the world spangle the sun-washed grasslands, and blue birds and meadow larks serenade the quiet visitor.

One of the rarest ecosystems in the country, these open savannas were created by retreating glaciers 15,000 years ago, which left behind gravelly soils that dried out quickly during summer droughts. Native Americans sustained these grassy plans for thousands of years using fire to keep the encroaching forests at bay so that tribes could harvest the prairie's bounty of wildflowers and bulbs. Today conservationists maintain our prairies through active management and restoration.

To learn more about the state of the South Sound Prairies as well as the conservation actions being carried out to restore and maintain them please watch this shot video. 



Do you want more information about the South Sound Prairies? Watch this informative 15 minute documentary produced by students from The Evergreen State College.

Northwest Prairies from Jennie Russ on Vimeo.