The Changing face of the Violet Prairie Seed Farm

Nursery technicians use new propagation equipment.If you are passing by the South Sound Speedway, make a quick turn on Gibson road and take a look at CNLM’s newest seed farm.  Things are changing quickly.  Plants started last fall have gotten big in hurry and are enjoying the fertility and drainage of our new site.  A full coverage irrigation system is allowing planting during the summer which greatly extends our planting window and gets plugs out of the greenhouse as soon as they are ready. New planting equipment, including a precision seeder and mechanical transplanter are speeding up the work and making truly straight lines.  While straight lines may not be desirable on the prairie, at the farm it allows us to use a tractor mounted cultivator in place of many hours of hand weeding.  Cover cropping and flame weeding have also been implemented to save time and improve soil.  Keep watching this fall as the farm continues its transition with the addition of 140,000 native prairie plugs.