Sentinel Landscapes - Connecting Lands, Missions, and People


The Sound Sound prairies are designated as the country's first Sentinel Landscape. This designation has attracted additional funding for combined military, agriculture, and conservation goals. Private landowners, nonprofits, and government agencies are collaborating to preserve and restore prairie habitat around Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM).

Under the Sentinel Landscapes, the Departments of Defense, Agriculture and Interior work together near military bases to achieve multiple goals:

• preserve agricultural working lands
• protect rare species
• allow military trainings to continue

Conserving prairie habitats and open spaces today is less expensive than trying to restore them after they have been developed. Conserving habitat and species off of military bases also ensures that Service members can continue training. JBLM is the largets employer in the South Sound and helps drive the economy in Pierce and Thurston Counties. In maintaining JBLM military training, this partnership will continue to support thousands of soldiers, airmen and good-paying civilian jobs.