The Science Program publishes seven papers 

2016 was a busy writing year for the CNLM Prairie Science Team. This group managed to publish seven scientific papers and submit four more for publication. The topics included the use of non-native plants in natural areas management, dual recovery of rare species, success of recovery plantings using microsite characteristics, effects of prescribed fire ignition patterns on prairie plant communities, fire effects on lichen and bryophytes, seed stratification methods for enhanced germination, effects of mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on native plant growth, off-target herbicide effects on camas, and effects of seed sowing method on plant establishment. Phew! The scientists and managers at CNLM continue to conduct and communicate cutting edge research on conservation and restoration issues related to prairie communities. Please see the Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership website ( for further reading!

Some of the published studies explored ways to re-establish golden paintbrush more effectively. Credit: Sarah Hamman.