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Seed Delivery to Prairies Evolves

This year several improvements have been made to the native seed distribution process. First, we are now releasing seed with state approved seed labels. Land managers now receive the viability and purity of the seed which is critical information when using prescriptive seeding rates. The identity and quantity of any weed seed present is also included on the label. This humbling information helps the farm improve practices and land managers decide on appropriate locations to sow their seed.

A bag of Potentilla gracilis (slender cinquefoil) displaying a fresh label including new information such as viability, purity and weed seed presence.

To put this additional information in the hands of our partners, the seed farm streamlined the harvest, cleaning, and testing workflow. All seed is now tested prior to allocation. We instituted hard delivery dates so that all early seed will be made available to partners on September 15 and all late seed on March 1. This gives the seed processors clear prioritization, it also allows better planning on the restoration side, as the land managers know what seed will be available when. These seed distribution improvements will bring greater product clarity and timing to continue providing native seeds to our partners.

A closer-shot of this improved seed label reveals near pure seed for growing on native lands.