New Educational Signs at Four Popular Prairie Preserves

Visitors to our local prairie lands may have noticed something a little different recently: new signs at some of our most visited prairie preserves. This past May, prospective Eagle Scouts Noah Stucki and Mitchell Seymour worked with local community members and their fellow scouts to design, build, and install three kiosks for new educational signs, as well as remove broom from Wolf Haven's prairie and Deschutes River Preserve. 

Mitchell Seymour and friends after building the sign kiosk at Wolf Haven International.

The new kiosks and associated signs were installed along high foot traffic areas at Deschutes Prairie Preserve (along the Chehalis Western Trail), Wolf Haven International, and Violet Prairie-Scatter Creek Preserve.

Installing the sign kiosk at Deschutes Prairie Preserve.

In addition to these three signs and kiosks, new signs were also installed at Glacial Heritage Preserve. We hope that the value of this increasingly rare ecosystem can be communicated effectively to folks who are activity using and enjoying these diverse prairie landscapes.  

The newly installed sign at Wolf Haven International.

Educating the public about prairie ecosystems and the work CNLM and our partners are doing to help preserve and restore this local resource is important - many community members who live and recreate in or near these preserves are unaware that our local grasslands are part of an important ecosystem.  These signs are one step of our efforts to bring more awareness to our local prairies. 

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