Mazama Pocket Gopher

Mazama pocket gophers are an important component in South Sound prairies. While still found in Thurston and Pierce Counties, they are globally rare and considered threatened with extinction by the State of Washington.
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South Sound Prairies Program
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Patrick Dunn
South Puget Sound 
Program Director


Sanders Freed
Thurston County Program Manager


Sarah Hamman
Prairie Conservation Science
Program Manager


Mason McKinley
Joint Base Lewis-McChord 
Program Manager


Sierra Smith
Conservation Nursery Program Manager


Elspeth Hilton Kim
Cooperative Conservation Program Manager


Joy Hochstein
Grants Administrator


Technical Information

Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership brings together professional conservationists and restorationists from throughout the Northwest. If you would like to reference scientific papers about prairies or network with the professional conservation community please contact Elspeth Hilton Kim.


CNLM's South Sound Program Quarterly Highlights 


CNLM seeks four AmeriCorps 

CNLM seeks four fulltime Americorps members to fill prairie restoration service opportunities with the South Sound Prairies Program in our Olympia location. These four positions include a Native Plant Propagation Technician, a Prairie Restoration Technician, a Prairie Science Technician, and a Volunteer Coordinator. These positions are offered through and contingent on funding from the Washington Service Corps (WSC). Please see the position descriptions for more information

WSC Native Seed Production Technician

WSC Prairie Restoration Technician

WSC Prairie Science Technician

WSC Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator


The MAPS Program at Glacial Heritage Preserve 


For the past two weeks a group of students, AmeriCorps members, and CNLM employees have been showing up at Glacial Heritage Preserve at sunrise. As soon as the first light of day appears, so do the siluettes of bird enthusiasts carrying, nets, bird guides and yes…plenty of coffee mugs. You might be wondering what on earth is motivating these people to wake up so early. Well, the group has been training for the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program. MAPS is a bird banding program that aims to assist in understanding the ecology and conservation issues facing North American breeding birds.

Dawn at Glacial Heritage Preserve. Credit: Carola Tejeda

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