Mazama Pocket Gopher

Mazama pocket gophers are an important component in South Sound prairies. While still found in Thurston and Pierce Counties, they are globally rare and considered threatened with extinction by the State of Washington.
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Technical Information

Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership brings together professional conservationists and restorationists from throughout the Northwest. If you would like to reference scientific papers about prairies or network with the professional conservation community please contact Hannah Anderson.

Volunteer Release Form

To volunteer with us you must complete a volunteer release form. On the second page you will see an optional  photograph release form that we would like you to complete so we can use any pictures we take of you to promote our volunteer program and show people all the good work that our volunteers are doing. If you are under 18 years old please have your parent or legal guardian complete the forms. Thanks!


South Sound Prairies 2016 New Year's resolutions

Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. New Year's resolutions allow us to take the time to think of what really matters to us and what our contribution to the world is.  For us, this means renewing our commitment of conserving and restoring the South Sound Prairies and oak woodlands. But we know that a goal without a plan is just a wish, so our staff always spends a good deal of time making sure that our planned restoration and conservation actions for each year are achievable, measurable and effective. 

Biologist monitoring Taylor's checkerpots at a butterfly release site.

We asked our staff and partners to share with us some of their New Year's resolutions that will help the South Sound Prairies.  Knowing that it can be hard to ask people to change their traditional lifestyle to help a cause, we also asked them to provide some tips regarding easy changes that people can make to help the our prairies and oak woodlands. Check out what they said:

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CNLM's South Sound Program Quarterly Highlights

October-December 2015

CNLM’s South Sound Program has been working on prairie conservation for almost two decades. We work with a wide-range of public agencies and private landowners assisting with protection and restoration of prairies and oak woodlands. 

CNLM develops a new seed production method for the threatened golden paintbrush

The Science Program hunts for mushrooms!

CPOP brings together renowned experts in prairie and oak woodland conservation

Our new employee Joseph Dye takes the Dan Kelly Ridge Preserve trial




The Gift of Conservation

Pollination is one of the ecosystem services provided by the South Sound Prairies. CNLM’s  projects protect sensitive prairie and oak woodland habitats and their imperiled species, but they impact more than just those plants and animals. Saving species and habitats also improves the lives of human neighbors. Although it is impossible to count all the ways in which the natural world can enrich our lives, there are clear benefits to strong and healthy ecosystems. From clean water and air, to pollination, healthy prairies and woodlands provide services that support local human populations.

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